Do you get the full value of Cyber Threat Intelligence?

We have seen far too many security organizations fail to realize the full potential of threat intelligence. They struggle with budget constraints, staffing challenges, and a lack of specialized skills, hindering their ability to address the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of the cyber threat landscape.

Understand Threat Actors

Knowing the latest motivations, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of cyber criminals allows organizations to develop and implement proactive security measures. And since threat actors are constantly evolving, it’s important you stay agile and adaptive.

See Attack Campaigns Coming

Successful cybersecurity is not static. Being prepared for emerging cyber threat campaigns, organizations can anticipate potential threats and ensure their defensive posture is up-to-date and ready for the latest damaging threats.

Map Attack Infrastructures

Insight into adversaries' attack infrastructures lets organizations proactively defend and detect threats by recognizing network patterns, domains, IP addresses. Security teams can update detection mechanisms and provide more effective incident response.

Detect Compromised Systems

Threat actors can often evade endpoint protection! Imagine finding those systems based on external observation and proprietary intelligence, providing an additional layer of protection against the most sophisticated attacks.

Monitor for Malicious Traffic

External traffic analysis is a powerful weapon against cyber attack. Even without the need for additional security devices, deep network flow analysis can detect internal compromise, as well as potentially compromised customers and partners.

Block Use of Stolen Credentials

The vast majority of breaches involve stolen credentials. It is best to find out about those compromised IDs and password before they are leveraged to hurt you. That way you can change them or shut them down and proactively prevent costly damage.

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