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Threat Intelligence Sales Engineer

The Threat Intelligence Sales Engineer is a pivotal role at the intersection of cybersecurity sales and technical expertise. This professional supports the sales process for threat intelligence products and services, by providing in-depth technical knowledge and demonstrations to potential customers. The role requires a unique blend of technical cybersecurity acumen, comfort working with customers, sales skills, and the ability to understand and address customer needs in the context of threat intelligence solutions.

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Cyber Threat Operations Analyst

The Cyber Threat Operations Analyst plays a crucial role in safeguarding our customers from cyber threats, including organized cyber crime and other forms of cyber attacks. This position involves a blend of technical expertise, analytical skills, and a proactive mindset to detect, analyze, and respond to cyber threats in real-time. The Analyst is responsible for monitoring, analyzing and automating incoming threat intelligence, compromised credentials and network flow data on a continuous basis, using advanced tools and techniques to identify potential security breaches or incidents.

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Web Developer and UX Strategist

The Web Developer and UX Strategist is responsible for creating and maintaining an engaging web and mobile presence. It includes primary responsibility for the technology and content of both our public web presence and our customer portal. The role works with internal stakeholders and external vendors to ensure up-to-date design, content and daily operations.

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How to Apply

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