Strategic Alliance Reduces Cyber Threat for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

    RedSense announced our partnership with Solis to deliver unique best-in-class cybersecurity protection and incident response to small and midsize businesses. RedSense and Solis are committed to delivering robust cybersecurity protection and swift incident response, specifically targeting the small and midsize business sector.

    RedSense Cyber Threat Intelligence and Team Cymru Announce Strategic Partnership

    RedSense, a trusted provider of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) to some of the world’s most sophisticated threat intel organizations, including prominent Global Fortune 100 firms across numerous industries, and Team Cymru, a global leader in cyber threat intelligence and digital risk management solutions, announced today the launch of a strategic partnership to deliver deep threat analysis of global internet traffic.

    Cybercriminals Target Your Holiday Cheer

    There is an increase in cybercrime around Christmas and New Year that can be attributed to the holiday season’s unique online behaviors and opportunities that attract cybercriminals. During this period, there’s a surge in online shopping as people rush to buy gifts, often leading to a relaxed approach to clicking links and making transactions. This frenzy makes it easier for scammers to create fake websites or send phishing emails and smishing (SMS phishing) messages that mimic popular retailers or special holiday deals, thus capturing credit card details and personal information.

    No Honor Among Thieves

    Recently, the RedSense HUNT team has been working to understand how adversaries train their own pentesting teams to infect a victim environment and deploy stealer malware. Our ultimate goal is to educate RedSense  partners on what to expect from adversaries.​

    ​​​​Based on what we found in instructional videos created by the adversaries themselves, we have made numerous informative discoveries and one which shocked us and proves there really is no honor among thieves.

    New RedSense Compromised Credential Service

    RedSense today announced the availability of RedSense Compromised Credential Services 2.0. The new services include RedSense Credential Alert and RedSense Credential Investigator.

    Posting Fullz - A Novel Trend Amongst Threat Actors

    Chief Research Officer Yelisey Bohuslavskiy comments on a new trend we are seeing amongst threat actors.

    Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence Large Language Models (LLMs)

    RedSense looks at how adversaries are working to leverage artificial intelligence large language models (LLMs) for malicious exploits.

    New RedSense Head of Product

    RedSense is delighted to announce that #cybersecurity industry veteran Andrew Klein has joined the team as Head of Product including Product Marketing, Product Management and Sales Engineering. Over the last 35 years he has worked in software and security, most recently in various roles at RSA Security and NetWitness.

    Unraveling BlackNET - Insights from RedSense Research

    While dissecting the BlackNET botnet panel, our HUNT team uncovered significant adversarial information: BlackNET Panel & Builder: Initially developed in 2019, the BlackNET MAlware-as-a-Serivice (#MaaS) panel serves as the operational backbone for client-side components such as #stealers, #bankers, and #loaders. Central to this process is the botnet builder, which we’ve reversed to grasp its functionalities. Our investigation revealed the following capabilities: Generate unique victim IDs and distinct hash sums for data logged in the panel.

    RedSense Grows Intelligence Operations Team

    RedSense welcomes Mike Nichols to the intel operations (INTELOPS) team. He joins us from the Department of Defense SkillBridge program which provides service members to transition to civilian industry through internships.

    New Methods of Obfuscation in Fraud/Carding Community

    A recent RedSense investigation has discovered a prevalent trend in cyberfraud groups: IP address obfuscation via a new cloaking methodology. The primary channel for dissemination of new methods such as this are Telegram chats, particularly channels that have a sizeable number of subscribers with technical knowledge.

    Ransomware Groups Vie to Stay On Top

    Ransomware groups are continuously refining and updating their strategies to remain at the forefront of successful cybercrime organizations. These groups regularly adapt to the changing cybersecurity landscape, implementing new or modified techniques to bypass defenses and exploit vulnerabilities.

    The Quantum Resistance Corporation and RedSense Announce Partnership

    The Quantum Resistance Corporation (QRC), post-quantum security experts, today announced a strategic partnership with RedSense, a leading threat intelligence and cybersecurity firm. RedSense will provide network security and management services for the QRC, and together RedSense and QRC will provide security for cryptocurrencies.