Mentoring and Maturity

Our threat intelligence consultants have helped numerous fortune 500 companies as hands-on talent. When we come into your organization we are capable of hitting the ground running and immediately being able to take your intelligence program and evaluate its maturity level. For any team, from the newest to the most advanced, we are then able to make recommendations for improvements from the technical, operational and policy side. Furthermore we can execute on these recommendations with your team to ensure the smoothest implementation possible. Our focus is building your skills and capacity rather than just trying to shove new products into your environment.

Security Infrastructure and Gap Analysis

With years of collective experience, Red Sense consultants can help your team to fully realize existing visions for product and datasource interconnection, ensuring your workflows move as smoothly as possible. We have seen hundreds of products, APIs and other data sources and understand their limitations and capabilities intimately. With our focus on actionable intelligence we can ensure that you are only taking in the highest quality and most actionable data for your organization.

3rd Party Vendor Assessments

When you really need to know where the bodies are buried, e.g., before entering a business relationship with an organization. Red Sense leverages a myriad of open source and proprietary accesses to assess prospective vendors, partners, or other public entities with an easy-to-grasp A-F letter grade model.

Custom Scanner Development

Custom Scanner Development with our in-house development capability we are capable of providing clients with customized scanners to locate exploitable systems in short order for situations like log4j, spring4shell or other critical exploit releases. This will allow you to locate priority systems within and outside of your environment in the quickest manner possible to prioritize mitigation efforts.

Detection Engineering and Content

We are extremely well versed in a plethora of Industry vendors and open source detection capabilities. RedSense analysts can directly craft detection signatures or other rules to assist in advanced capability creation and support. Does your team have detection logic for Emotet, Cobalt Strike, Qbot, and of course yes… macros in attachments. ;)

Breach Evaluation and Response

Red Sense analysts have deep experience tracking ransomware and other threat actors as they attempt to extort or shame victims for payments. In addition to tracking the TTPs of the more active groups, we routinely analyze breach data (samples or the entirety of the breach) in order to quantify and qualify the potential exposure and business risk to our customers. This detail is used to derive actionable recommendations for mitigation and response by potential impacted customers.

Adversary Space Engagement

From tailored accesses and intelligence, to turn-key personas, to running full operations on behalf of customers, Red Sense is ideally placed in adversarial spaces (i.e., forums, markets, private groups, etc.) to help accomplish your mission objectives.

On-Demand Support for Analyst Escalations

RedSense is by analysts for analysts; we are always available to provide top tier on-demand support to our customers.

Team Building

Red Sense has a team of veteran organization builders ready to help mature your organization to meet the requirements of the modern operating environment. For any team, junior to advanced, Red Sense specializes in straight forward feedback, actionable recommendations, and personal collaboration across technical, operational and policy fronts alike.