Solutions Overview

Correlating multiple sources and types of Threat Intelligence for maximum effectiveness

Full-Picture, Single Source Intelligence

By integrating the various facets of cyber threat intelligence, RedSense offers a more comprehensive and informed view of potential threats. Its ability to apply network traffic analysis helps identify the genuine threats to an organization’s security. That ensures alerts are pertinent, accurate, and actionable.

Features of RedSense Offerings

RedSense allows companies to receive information using the methods and processes that fit their current style of work, whether that is as a completely outsource service to augment their staff or through repository syncing and APIs. That is true for all the component pieces:

  • RedSense Proprietary Threat Intelligence Sets
  • RedSense Alerting and Reporting
  • RedSense Security Network Flow Monitoring
  • RedSense On-Demand Requests for Intelligence (RFI)
  • RedSense Compromised Credential Services
  • RedSense ChatOps Knowledge Sharing and Support
  • RedSense Monthly Threat Landscape Briefings
  • RedSense Evaluation and Response

The Best Delivery Mechanism for Every Organization

We have found that every organization has a preferred way of working with data and process based on their personnel, tools and sophistication. RedSense endeavors to provide the cyber threat intel the way it can best be used successfully, whether as a product, a service or a custom hybrid involving both.

Service RedSense
Proprietary Threat Intelligence      
Intelligence Reporting      
Customer Network Flow Monitoring Available  
Up to 50 Addresses
Reviewed Weekly
Complete Customer Public Address Space1
Reviewed Weekly
Alert, Data and Workflow Integration      
Requests for Intelligence (RFI)  
One per Month
One per Month
One per Month
w/2-month Rollover
Compromised Credential Alerts    
Compromised Credential Research Access      
ChatOps Support & Knowledge Sharing      
Monthly Cyber Threat Briefings      
Quarterly CTI Success Summits      
Third-Party Monitoring for Partners & Suppliers Available Available  

1 - Customer address space to be scoped.

RedSense Solutions for Specialty Sectors

RedSense also provides solutions for select business sectors and specific use cases.

Service Description
Cyber Insurance Portfolio Risk Reduction A specialized offering to address the unique requirements of the cyber insurance industry, including portfolio de-risking. Offered as either a data-oriented solution or a managed service.
Public Sector Safety Shield A solution for state and regional cyber commands to monitor and protect smaller public sector institutions without the need for a complex hardware or software infrastructure. Delivered in conjunction with RedSense telemetry, incident response and insurance partners.
MDR and MSSP CTI Services Designed for security service providers and consultants to better protect their client organizations using network flow monitoring and advanced threat intelligence.