Content Category: RedSense Threat Briefings (RTBs)

Subscribers to RedSense Advantage and RedSense As-a-Service receive detailed threat briefings covering current threat actors, attack vectors and an in-depth examination of threats within various business sectors. We publish a summary of that coverage here. Contact Us if you are interested in subscribing.

Q1 2024 RedSense Threat Briefing

The Winter 2023-2024 RedSense Threat Briefing provides updates on threats and intelligence for the final months of 2023 and the early part of 2024. It covers key areas including visibility updates, the current overall instability across the threat landscape, the decline of ransomware, emerging attack methodologies, analyses of victim patterns, and updates on important CVEs. It also offers forecasts on threat trends for the remainder of 2024.

November 2023 RedSense Threat Briefing

RedSense has released its November 2023 Threat Briefing. The summary published here constitutes a brief glimpse of the comprehensive insights available to our subscribers. The full report contains more extensive and detailed threat intelligence provided exclusively to our RedSense Advantage and RedSense As-a-Service clients on a regular basis.

October 2023 Redsense Threat Briefing

We are publishing a summary of our RedSense Threat Briefing for October 2023. This summary is just a small sample of the information RedSense customers receive on a regular cadence in much greater detail as part of either RedSense Advantage or RedSense As-a-Service for Cyber Threat Intelligence.